Einträge von Julien Weil

Supporters 2016/17

With pleasure, we want to introduce our supporters 2016/17: Nesolu GmbH – www.nesolu.ch Coperion K-Tron – www.coperionktron.com Zurich – www.zurich.ch Mammut lift – www.mammut-lift.ch iDeskPro – www.ideskpro.com studentcareer – www.studentcareer.ch EF Education First – www.efswiss.ch

A successful kickoff event with the delegation

Last Wednesday, December 21 the delegation of connectUS 2017 finally met each other. Firstly, the project team started the event with a presentation. the team informed the delegation members about the project, their participation and especially about the onsite trip to San Francisco, Boston and New York. After the inspiring presentation about the project. The delegation […]

Gold partner: W. Thommen AG

With pleasure, we want to introduce our gold partner 2016/17: W. Thommen AG W. Thommen AG is a family business based in Switzerland. They plan and realize buildings and structures as well as provide construction management for third parties. Lastly, they also assist their customers with real estate management services and consulting. Find out more […]

Platinum partner: AUTEXIS

We warmly welcome our platinum partner 2016/17: AUTEXIS (Automation Excellence & Intelligent Solutions) AUTEXIS is a company that plans and realizes automation solutions. Furthermore, they provide IT as well as mobile solutions to get you up-to-date for the industry 4.0. Their main goal is to find the right and best solution for your requirement. Find […]